Data From Source Showing In Print Preview, But Sample Data On Paper? フォローする

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I have a really weird problem on my hands.


I am using Bartender 2016 Automation edition. 

I have a template, 1 record produces 2 labels. The template contains a counter based on a field in the source file.

The first label is printed on the first count, and suppressed for the rest of the count, the second label is suppressed on the first count, but printed on the rest.

The amount of labels printed is dependent on the value from the source file, with the first label always being different from the rest.

These labels have a code on them, which is based on another field in the source file. The location of these objects on these two different labels is different, and both objects point to the same source.


Now, everything seems to look just fine when looking at it in print preview via PrintStation.

However, when I choose to print instead of viewing the preview first, the first label has the code taken from the field in the source file, the rest of the labels will print the sample data from the data source tab. When leaving the sample data blank, there will be no code on the rest of the labels.


The funny thing is, if I preview the same selected records first, and then select to print it from the preview screen it prints out the labels correctly.


Could this be a bug? Or am I going crazy and missing something?