border width and height changes フォローする

Brigitte Platz


I hope somebody here can help me with my problem.

When I create a new label and save it, I can open it whenever I want to print it and everything is fine.

But when my collegue opens it on her pc, it doesn't print correctly (it sits too low and too far to the right on the labels).

When we checked, we saw that the height of the top border and the width of left border were changed.

For example, I hat set the top border to 10 mm and the left border to 6 mm - on my collegue's pc, the top border is 30 mm and the left border 25 mm.

Nobody changed the settings. On my pc everything is still correct.

What could be the reason for this and is there any way to avoid it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,