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Craig Ebbott

So I have a label that should be printing landscape, and it does, most of the time.

I have at least one printer where it will print in portrait mode.  Now all of my other labels will print with the proper orientation on all printers.  It is just this one printer where it goes portrait.  However, I know it is not the printer because if I open the label, then make and revert a change and save it, the label will start working on that one printer properly. 

I have had labels that I converted from Portrait to Landscape stay as portrait until I deleted fields that fell out side of the print area, however, that is not the issue with this label.

Any ideas on what could be causing this?


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Pete Thane
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Check the default setting in the printer driver itself via Control Panel. I have seen something happen before like this where this default setting in the driver was different to all the others for some reason and on that device the labels kept flipping round.