Print jobs get stucked in the print queue for more than one label フォローする

Marcel Schick

Hello together,

since a few weeks we have the problem that the print outs for more than label will be printed very late after sending the print job to the spool.

The job rests for more than 30 seconds in the queue although no more other jobs have to be finished before. If I print just one label everything is fine.

The job goes to the printer spool and will be printed directly without staying in the queue for more than 30 seconds.


We print from SAP and use BarTender 10.1 SR4.

I know it's no the latestet version but before everything worked fine.


Has/Had anyone else this issue?

Did I make a mistake creating the BarTender file because for one label it works fine.

I also checked the Windows-Update and couldn't find new installed updates.


Thank you very much in advance.