How to select records by and フォローする

Nok Tualek

I have database connetion    want to print from select records with function and

Example  i have some record product name
1 pan red
2 pan green
3 light red
4 light green

I wan to prin  pan red    when i select record and in put   pan red   It will show

pan red
pan green
light red

the function is use or    not  and   how to in put   to show only  pan red 1(pan and red)  not show pan or red


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Pete Thane
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Rather than use Record Picker on the Data Entry Form, add a Filter into your Database setup. I would suggest using the Contains option rather than default Equals for the filter operator,

You can still add this prompt onto the Data Entry Field too by adding a Text Input Box on your form and then linking it up to your query/filter.