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Matthew Laski

I am using Bartender to generate serial number tags that are "printed" using an Epilog Laser etcher.  Using Bartender the templates will always print properly.  Ideally I want the tags to be printed using Print Station because it is much more user friendly and does not give my factory floor users an interface to EDIT the templates.  

As yet I have not been able to successfully make the transition to Print Station.  The issue is that print station will occassionally send a print job with 100% blank text.  All of my label logic fires, the barcodes and images still print ... but the text is missing.  I can see that the text is not coming over from Print Station using the preview tool in the Epilog Laser driver.  The results are inconsistent ... it happens sometimes but not others ... but asking the factory floor to do rework and wasting metal blanks is not ideal.

Has anyone else run into this before?  Any ideas?  

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Pete Thane
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This could be a rights issue with some of the users not having access to the full driver settings including the fonts area as I have seen something like this happen in these circumstances. 

If printing works correctly for all users from within Designer itself, you could enable the Print Only Password from the Administer menu so operators cannot access the editing options without logging in.

Depending on the number of your label templates and if you are running an Automation version of BarTender you could also create shortcuts to individual labels that would cause BarTender to open the label at a user data entry field such as the Print Dialogue (to enter number of labels and/or change printer) or to a database query entry box or Data Entry Form. Check out. If you can find the list of commands that can be used for the BarTender suite in the Help menu and I used Command Line Parameter as the search key. It doesn't look as nice as when using Print Station but does work well the the added /AF= /PD or /P) /X (maybe XS) commands etc.