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Gavin Lamport

Hi,  We're currently trialling the software and have got a basic post integration working fine on the network via tools like Insomnia to post JSON, but when using an ajax post from say Chrome, we get CORS errors as the 'server' doesn't respond to OPTIONS requests.

Unfortunately our ERP system is cloud based in the US, our IIS servers are located in Europe and our factories in China (where we don't have access to enable port forwading so the servers can not talking directly to a printer/print server)

We wanted our employees to be able to print via a browser with data from our ERP/Intranets hosted off site, so a simple web page with  ajax post seemed the way to go (unless we go down the route of trigger files) but as above, Chrome reports CORS/access-control-allow-origin errors when posting the data to the print/sever/integration server


Many thanks

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Peter Thane

Hi Gavin,

I think you maybe better raising this with the Seagull Tech Support rather than post the query on here.


Gene Henson


Have you tried setting the CORS header in Integration Builder? You can set this in the "Response" section of your integration:

If you're sending a GET, HEAD, or POST request, you may also be able to prevent the CORS preflight it by changing the content-type of your request to one of these:

  • application/x-www-form-urlencoded
  • multipart/form-data
  • text/plain

There's more information about what causes this and modern CORS behavior here: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/CORS.


Thomas Hagan

If you set the content-type to application/x-www-form-urlencoded, this will disable your browser from making the OPTIONS pre-flight requests since it is not required for this format. Normally, however you would need to encode your payload into the CURL. I tried that and found the bartender service would not accept the payload in that format. I then tried sending the payload as a JSON body and it worked fine. No comments regarding HTML5 compliance, but it works.