BarTender Compatible with Brady i5100 Printer? フォローする

Aishwarya Nair

We currently use Brady IP300 and IP600 printers--is the brady i5100 printer one that can work well with BarTender or would we need to make a lot of changes (if its at all possible) to get it to work? 


Also, does BarTender sell drivers for the i5100?


If not, since the IP300 and IP600 are now discontinued, what would be good alternative printers that are compatible with BarTender?


Thank you!

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Pete Thane
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I take it the i5100 printer range has just been released and so Seagull have not yet released a Windows driver for this, You could use Brady's own driver that can be found on their website in the meantime whilst waiting for the 2018_3 (or whatever the next driver release is called) to be made available.