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Client just installed a new production line where BT AE with an Print and Apply setup. 

The label prints twice per pallet with the following :

- Database Product Code
- Database Product Description
- Prodution Date (Computer Clock)
- Production time (RTC)
- Serial number build with Plant#,Line#,YY,JJJ, Serial Increment

Now my problem is that the batch sent (say 200 labels) do not update the date or the Serial reset (999 or Midnight) at midnight. 

Is there a way with Integration Builder to make either 

- A clock check so that the Production Date, Production Time and the Serial number dates are taken into account?

- Or, that a batch is sent pending, and awaiting a signal from the production line automate through Intergration Builder to give a print-start.



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Peter Thane
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Integration Builder will create the label batch and send it to the printer to produce the labels as and when required and so any data field content that does not address the RTC in the printer will have use the computers date setting details when the batch was created.  

If you amend the date fields to "Use Printer's Clock" for each date element then this may get round this although these fields would need to use a printer font rather than a True Type (unless it is downloaded on the printer).

I have no facilities to test this currently but I am not sure if you may also need to adjust the way serialisation is carried out, by BarTender or using the printer's internal programming, and so if the above doesn't work it may be worth retrying it with the File>Print>Performance>Allow Serialisation ticked or unticked, depending on how it is currently set.

I hope this helps