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I've read a good selection of the documentation and can't find an example/description relating to my specific case.  Please point me in the right direction if i may have missed the info...  Here's my situation:

A field on my BarTender label asks the user to scan a "stock code" (barcode) when printed.  This stock code is then referenced to our ODBC (with other information) to print the Customer's Part number (and barcode) in that field.  In other words; the actual data scanned by the user doesn't show up on the label, but the "customer part number" string from our ODBC does.  I'm conceptualizing this as a 2 step process: user scans data, bartender pulls string from ODBC based on the scan.

I'm trying to automate this process by including the "stock code" (which the user would usually scan) in a trigger file detected by commander.  Commander would then pick up this text file, use the stock code contained in the text file to pull the customer part number from the ODBC to be printed on the label.

I've seen, in Commander documentation, examples on how to use the text file as the database (pulling our "stock code" off the trigger text file), but i'm wondering how to do the 2nd step of having Bartender use the pulled stock code to reference the proper ODBC "customer part number" for the actual print.

My conundrum is that if i set this field to use the text file as the database, it is no longer going to our ODBC to perform the 2nd step.  As a result, our stock code prints on the label in this case instead of referenced the customer part number in our ODBC.



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Johan Hafström
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Good question. Did you get any solution?