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Anthony Diaz


I am having an issue with Bartender where when a label file is transferred between users, we get a Warning Message #3707. This occurs after another user opens my label file and then attempts to print. When we adjust the page setup dimensions of the file the warning goes away but once the file is opened in a new computer the warning message reappears. Is there a way to lock the printer / page setup settings so that when the file is transferred we do not have this issue?

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Pete Thane
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If the BarTender cannot find the printer that used to create the label, then it will open the label with the default printer instead. Make sure that both computers are using the same drivers and that may help.

If you are using BT2019 then it maybe worthwhile setting the default BarTender printer to be the driver that matches the original PC. You can set this from inside Administration Console and the Default Printer button (choose the printer from the dropdown and click on the bottom option). Also in Admin Console you can prevent the wrong printer from being selectable via the Prevent All Usage...  tickbox.

With the default printer set and if it is the same as the original PC then that should remove the page setup warning message I would expect