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Can anyone tell me how "Data Source: Integration Input Data" in "Print Document" can be used.

I am trying to do a web service integration and would like to have an dynamic data source depending on the request.

Thank you ..!!

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Al Perez
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Hi Nicklas, apologies for the late reply!

If you recall from our File Integration, instruction video (start at 3:30), BarTender templates (before using on an integration) need to be connected to a sample data source so that objects can be connected to field-names. This is so that when you're sending in your data, the Integration platform knows what data goes to which object. 

When you send your data to the Integration, that data is placed in a variable and is known as the "Event Data", which will replace your sample data; this is why this option exists under the Database Override property. This Event Data is your Integration Input Data. 

I hope that helps, cheers!