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Dan McCabe

Hey folks.

The new print portal offering looks very nice.

For my intended use case, I think it would be even better if the client side setup were streamlined a bit more.

Assume my client is a clothing retailer or importer.

They dispatch jobs to 10s of suppliers in places china, vietnam, pakistan, haiti, etc.

They want to give the folks at those factories the ability to print a variety of each, case, and pallet labels, based on them entering a PO number then making selections.

Given the timezones and lack of english language ability in play, it would be ideal if the setup instructions boiled down to "run the installer" then everything just works (from that pc, forever).

As it stands now, there is quite a bit more clicking to be done.

Easy enough if you are an english speaking IT person.

Less easy if you are a vietnamese speaking sewing machine operator.

I really don't want to be getting those calls!



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Ian Cummings
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Thanks for the input Dan, I'll pass on your comments to the development team.  For the final release I believe we'll be making translations, so it won't be just English only, so that will help out somewhat.  Meanwhile, we'll see what can be done to make the setup process to be as slick as possible.  Cheers!