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I am using BarTender 2019

In the Integration I use Print Command Script

The source file have multiple line, but I only want to print "always" the first line.

First Option- Is there a way so the integration only read and print the first line

Second option- If the first option is not possible, one of the fields is the Job Number. Is it possible to input a script that if the Job number is the same on every line, only print the first line only

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Peter Thane
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I do not think that is possible.

My understanding is that the Integration will process each data line in order as a separate print job and so neither of those are viable options.

You may be able to use the search for and delete after action in Integration builder and get that to run before the normal printing commands. Knowing what to search for maybe difficult with variable data but if you can control the output from your system you could say add an extra fixed data field at the end of your string that is not used on the label but is just there to allow the removal such as

data1,data2,data3,END ...<CR>

data1-2,data2-2 etc

Philippe Courcelle
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I was able to do it.

A simple option in Bartender Designer, by setting the Limit number of rows to...1 (in the Database>Option window)

Now only the first line is printed.

Thanks for the response