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Is it possible to somehow, using Integration Builder, not to only print the labels as part of the print job request from a source system, but also create a PDF version of the label (only 1, not the full quantity) and store it in a particular share drive/folder? 

Any ideas how to achieve that?


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Peter Thane
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I have not tried this personally printing to PDF as a second printer but have done something similar with physical labels/printers.

If you create an identical label to your existing one but then make sure to link this to the PDF printer and set the number of Copies to 1 and then save this format then this should be achievable. I would suggest using the inbuilt PDF printer and you may want to adjust the File Location settings on the Print Screen so that the PDFs are saved in the correct location for you with a suitable name.

In your Integration I believe you would would need to add a 2nd Print Document command that processes after the first with this opening and printing your PDF file using the "printer" settings saved in your PDF template.

I hope this helps.

Please note however that every 2000 labels "printed" to PDF via BarTender in a 7 day period will count as a licenced printer.