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I am currently trying to make my integration print to either a local file share or SharePoint, but I keep getting the error message:


Print job 'NewDeliveryNoteCopy.btw' did not complete due to the following error: Cannot continue because the Printer File "C:\Test\DeliveryNote10\22\202111:57:03.pdf" cannot be opened with write access.


I realise this is a permissions issue, but the folder location its going to has full access granted to the service account that integration builder is using. 


Any help would be much appreciated, thanks Michael.

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Xabier Clemente
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Hi Michael!

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This does indeed seem like a permissions issue. We would benefit of conducting a series of tests so we can rule out scenarios and pinpoint the exact setting we should focus on.

  • When saving the PDF locally on the machine, by changing the File Location, does the integration work as intended?

  • Are we using a domain administrator account? If not, could we try using an account with domain administration permissions to deploy the integration?

  • Does the share have full access permissions set to Everyone? If not, could we try setting those?

  • If we were to print the label manually from Designer, is the file successfully created on the local drive?

Please, keep us posted once we have the results from these tests.