How to query a Sql database using a parsed section of scanned QR code 关注


Would like to develop the following:

1. User is prompted to scan a QR code (which consists of a work order number, purchase order number, item number, and quantity)

2. Template parses scanned input, and populates individual text boxes on label (this is done)

3. Template then queries a SQL database to return the item description, using the item number previously parsed in step 1

In other words, is it possible to use just a portion of scanned text as the query criteria?

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Peter Bartsch
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Was this ever solved.  I have the same type of question.

How do I parse out information scanned in from a QR code?



Peter Thane
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Hi Peter,

You will need to do something similar to the reply I just posted up to your other query

In the Database Filter and Query Prompt you will need to use VB script to find the semicolon deliminator and then just retain the data to the left of it as in the 1st VB script routine.