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BarTender v2016R2 Question.

When connecting to multiple records sets (file or DB) I am seeing that the multi-join is not working when there are trailing spaces in one of the fields.  Any ideas on how to handle this?  An example is below.  The first line is simply "1" but the second has a trailing space "1 ".

Input 1:

"1","Item ID 1"

Input 2:

"1 ","12345678"


Viewing the joined record set:



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Rudi Grauwels
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Hello Darryl,

I have the same problem with inner join of SQL DB and text file. In SQL the field has data type char(18), but since the record I need has only 15 characters, there are 3 trailing spaces. In the text file, there no trailing spaces. I have tried to add 3 trailing spaces in the text file, but still the inner join does not return any data.

Inner Join works OK in Bartender v.9.2, but no data in version 2016R5.

I also need a solution for this.

Kind Regards,

Rudi Grauwels