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Good day.

I just have the bartender for less than a week, basically I have done with data source connection, design label templates with retrieved fields and also the printing of labels with record(s) selection.

The current environment is we have a external program which maps the necessary information and stored in MySQL database. Based on my current approach, we requested our users to do data entry at the external program, then call up the label template and print the labels from bartender. In future, users will have the full control to design the new template(s) by themselves, so that they can self serve without any delay from IT.

I need help on the following issues:

1. the Label is serialised and the serial no. is generated inside our external program; but the label is allowed to print once. In case the label is damaged, new label with new serial no. will be generated. How to keep track of the label print count in bartender?

2. I also wish to have the label print status to be updated back to my source database, how can I write back the print count/status?

3. Based on the above, am I working on the proper or efficeint way of barcode printing?

Last but not least, we have time and resource constraints, that's why we would like to have the simpliest way to resolve the above requirements.

Please advice on the above and hope to hear from your soon. Your kind assistance is much appreciated.

Thank you and cheers.


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Susan Chen
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For a week user, you had done an excellent job with Bartender
For your questions
1) Bartender has provide seralization functionality. Double click on the object you want to seralize-> More Options-> click on Seralization tab-> Tick "Seralize" The Serialization options allow you to specify exactly how you would like the selected data substring to serialize. We also have a companion called "Reprint Console" can be accessed when label needs to reprint. You can try it out to see if it fit your process.

2)For writing data back to SQL database, you can consider SQL statement. For Bartender printing status, you can consider our .Net SDK for integration. You can also reference our companion History Explorer for the printing job overview and status.

3) I recommend that you contact local support office for more personalized assistance for this issue. Support contact information: http://www.seagullscientific.com/aspx/technical-support.aspx