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I've gone through the help and searched this site but I cannot how to do something that I must be overlooking.

Let's say I have a Data Source with 2 fields per record, dbfield1 and dbfield2.
On my label I have 2 text fields, txtfield1 and txtfield2.

I would like the user to enter the 1st text field into Bartender and that would populate txtfield1 and then look up in the data source for a match against dbfield1 and then populate dbfield2 into txtfield2 automatically.

There must be some way to do this but I'm coming up empty. Is it all with VBScripting?


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Ian Cummings
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It sounds like you need to connect your label to a database and configure a query in order to find the precise record you want for printing. All fields from a record have the opportunity to be linked into a label object.

I suggest you take a look at the training videos that cover this topic on our website:
Legacy Poster
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Looks like I had to create a query with a query prompt as you said.

They query prompt comes up first for the input and then the other 'data screen' inputs come after that. I was expecting them to be on one page, but this works.

Got it working now, thank you very much.