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When I bring up the database connection and connect to my database, without any criteria, it pulls all my information correctly. I only have one field of information and it is locations ie. 22AA01, 22AB01, 22AC01. When I enter criteria in my database "##*A##" the database will return all locations that have an "A" as the fourth character. When I bring it into BarTender I get no results. Does anyone know why?

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Shotaro Ito
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Use ANSI92 style wildcard (%_[a-z]).

%: match any string
_: match single character
[ABC]:match A or B or C
[0-9]:match 0 to 9(digits)

try query like..
Fields | Operator | Criteria
F1 | Like | [0-9][0-9]_A[0-9][0-9]

It looks you need to follow it when use OLEDB connection to Access DB.