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I have been trying to add product specifications to my labels using the method in the following video:

All steps cause me no problem, except when I try to drag the values from one of my database fields on the lefthandside of the screen into the label design, I do not get a value, but rather I get the following: 'field:sheet$1.description'.
I have also tried the second method in the video by linking the values to the excel file through properties with the same result.

Would anyone know what might cause this, and how I would be able to fix it?

For the record, there are about 12 different attributes that I would add to the label, and they are represented as follows:

Items: description: number: etc:
xxx22xx xxXXxxxX 12 XXccZ
.... .... ... ...

Thanks for your help,


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Gene Henson
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It sounds like you don't the Live Database View turned on. The Live Database View is a feature that was introduced in BarTender version 9.3, and it allows you to see actual data from your database during template design. If you don't have the Live Database View on, you will see field names like "Field: CUSTOMER.NAME" (as you described above) during design. However, at print time, the "Field: CUSTOMER.NAME" will be replaced with data from your actual database. You can test this simply by going to File > Print Preview to see a preview of your actual print jobs.

You can toggle the Live Database View on and off (in versions of BarTender 9.3 and above) by clicking the small database icon in the lower left portion of your label format. If you're using a version of BarTender that doesn't have the Live Database View, you can change the "Field: CUSTOMER.NAME" sample data to data that more closely resembles you actual data by following these steps:


[*]Double click the object to open it's properties
[*]Change the data under [b]Sample Data[/b] to something that matches your database data
[*]Click OK
I've included a screenshot that shows the Live Database View Selector. This selector allows you turn toggle the Live Database View and cycle through different database records. You will not see this selector if your version of BarTender is below 9.3.


Let us know if that doesn't seem like the issue for you.