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Hi, i was wondering we can design the query prompt dialog (like changing the font,adjust the textbox &font size,etc)just like we design the prompt design.

I tried to search high and low in bartender yet i couldn't find a way to do that.

Would anyone clarify for me? I am using Bartender Automation enterprise ver9.4


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Shotaro Ito
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There's no control you have in query prompt design.
Yes that would be a lovely idea - I'll add your request to wish list.

Meanwhile, In such a case you can create a simple form application by or MS Access etc (or even [url=""]HTA[/url] + VB Script)- You can pass query prompt value via command line, by
/?<query prompt name>=<query prompt value>

A command line to print format "c:\bt\format1.btw", set query prompt "Q1"'s value to "007" and query prompt "Q2" to "WA". Close bartender after print.
"C:\Program Files\Seagull\BarTender Suite\bartend.exe" /AF="c:\bt\format1.btw" /?"Q1"="007" /?"Q2"="WA" /P /X
For supported commands, please check BarTender's Online help > Automating BarTender > Automation with the Command line Interface.

Command line printing is a bit slow to start and may be unstable when continuously called. in such case, consider Commander or .net SDK Automation.

Note that calling BarTender from other application is supported by Automation edition or above.
Susan Chen
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Hi, tbzserge :

Your request has been added to our wish list. There is similiar request has been filed. Please check with us again from our web site newsletter, whitepaper or regional local office to see if future Bartender version has added this request. Thanks for the input.