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I am trying to create some batch label jobs. My understanding is that to create a batch, you 1st create a series of individual labels. If this is correct, I want to save labels that have been created using a database (excel sheet)connection but cannot find a way to save the labels as btw's with the data output rather than the "look up".

To explain further - the label design I have is connected to an excel sheet with 18,000 records. Using a part number prompt, the link populates a description field on the label. I can print individual labels no problem but can't find a way to you save the "finished" label as a bartender file (btw). An analogy would be saving a PDF Form "flattened" - meaning the saved file contains the data entered; not the workings of the Form itself.

My batches are 20 to 30 labels each & I can't believe I'd have to enter these manually when the I can "pull up" a label instantly from the database.

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Susan Chen
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Hi, Doobie59:

I will give it a try to see if it would help to provide some information for your reference.

1) If you want to see all the printing records from the database, you can make use of History Explorer companion. More details can be found at white paper

2). If you want to keep every database printed label image, you can reference Bartender Help->Automation with ActiveX-> Reference-> Format Object->Format Methods->ExportPrintPreviewToImage example.

3) You can also use Administer-> Log Setup-> Text File Log-> tick "Log Print Job Information" for the print job records.

Hope it helps