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Hello to all ,

I have the follow problem .
My database in SQL for Bartender is almost 25Gb. I want to reduce the .mdf file.
Although I delete almost all data from tables the size is not reduced.

Thanks in advance !

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Domingo Rodriguez
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1.- First of all, please check if database maintenance has been enabled in the BarTender System Database Setup. You would verify this via the "Administer > Log Setup > Database Log" dialog in BarTender, by pressing the "Setup..." button and now selecting the "Maintenance" tab.

2.- You can use SQL Server Management Studio to produce a report indicating which tables in the database consume the most disk space.

In Management Studio:

Right-click on the database in the left-hand panel (Object Explorer).
Select "Reports->Standard Reports->Disk Usage" by "Top Tables".
This will produce the Report shown in screenshot: SQLDiskUsageReport.

Now export this report:
Right-click in the report you just generated.
Select "Export->Excel". See screenshot: SQLDiskUsageExport.

You can attach this file to this topic or contact our support personnel at

3.- Alternatively, you can try shrinking the database in Management Studio using DBCC SHRINKDATABASE:
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problem solved. thanks for your help.