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I have a label format for item descriptions and order information but I can't seem to get Query Prompts working correctly. As the size of the database is becoming larger over time (currently ~3300 records), I would like to filter the results down by our Sales Order # and/or our P/N (Armand P/N).


Some points:

  • When no value is entered into the query prompt, it should display all records
  • When a partial value is entered ("048" from SO "130488"), it should show any record where the SO contains that value.
  • I would prefer NOT to use custom SQL, as this label format may change over time and adding more fields would be easier for me (or one of my coworkers) if it weren't custom SQL.

I have attached both the Excel database ("Description Labels.xls") along with the label format ("Description Label.btw"). Can someone point out what I'm doing wrong?


Using Bartender 7.74 (build 1694) and Excel 2003.

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Ian Cummings
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In your BarTender query specify the field you wish to search on, the "Contains" operator, and a query prompt that can use the default settings if you wish.