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OS: XP Pro Version 2002, service pack 3




We have recently upgraded from Bartender version 7.5.1 to version 10.0. I am trying to complete the database connection setup. I am able to map to the database and print labels just fine, until I close the program and then I receive the following errors when I try to print again:


Bartender: Error Message #3214

Data Source "Microsoft Access 97 Database" not found

Clicking OK brings up another error message:


Database error

ODBC encountered an error accessing your database. The error may be correctable by doing one or more of the following:

1) Closely inspect all settings in your database connection setup dialog

2)Confirming that you can read and search your database with another database tool

[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] data source name not found and no driver specified.

Error IM002: Data source not found and no driver specified

Data source error: 0


If I re-map, I can print again until I close the program.


I have:


Confirmed the settings as compared on another machine (running the verision 7.5.1)

I've tried using the database file both on a network drive and a local drive (C)

Converted the Access 97 file to an Access 2000-2003 file

The old version of Bartender (7.5.1) was never removed from the machine.


I would appreciate any help. Thanks.


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Ian Cummings
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Have you tried using the built-in OLE-DB based Access database option, which is the top option to choose when connecting to a database?  Quicker and easier than bothering with ODBC.


As to the ODBC issue, I would guess that your ODBC setup in the ODBC Administrator is messed up.  Try creating a new user or system based DSN for Access databases and try again.  The below training video might prove helpful to you: