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So i have a rather strange problem. I am creating a "Cover" page that would be automatically generated when a trigger is sent to Commander to print this set of paperwork for a given job. The job is assembled similar to a book, with a cover page, separator and a photo after the separator.


The issues i am having is my database spits out a text file then a trigger file. This text file is what commander is using to tell Bartender what data to process.

I have attached the BTW files that work exactly how i need them expect for the cover page. I need the descriptions from all the separator pages to print on the cover page.


So The "Cover" template, i need to print only when the book # changes. I also need all the descriptions, NSNs and pages to print on the cover page that are in the attached file. I am not quite sure that this is even possible, but i am trying to migrate away from my personal creating this manually in word.


Any advice is appericated.



I am using Bartender 10.1 SR2


[attachment=989:CLE_KITTING DATA SEPERATOR TEMPLATE-DO NOT DELETE.txt][attachment=990:UKMOD-SEPARATOR.btw][attachment=991:Capture.JPG]

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Ian Cummings
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BarTender doesn't yet support multiple records per label like what you are wishing to use here.  It's possible to kludge a solution either by automation or through the use of a VB script that dynamically modifies label objects and data, but it could get very messy.