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I am considering using SeagullScientific as one of my softwares in my upcoming project involving designing and printing PVC ID cards.


  1. Is there an option for Selecting Records from a Database automatically at print time and also generate a barcode for each printed ID Card? What database do you recomment for ease of integration?
  2. How is the information about each barcode stored after its encoded on each ID Card. My question is coming from the point that barcodes are generated by Seagull and I was wondering if that data is then passed to a database (SQL or any other RDMS e.g Ms Access.)


It is also against this background that I need to findout about how and where the Barcode scanners will retrieve Validity Related information?

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Shotaro Ito
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#1. If you're planning integration and database has not decided, CSV text file as database with Commander is one good option - that can easily be created by any software / DBMS.

From your application (or stored procedure etc), create text file which contains records only you want to print.


Example below is a Commander script trigger - which specifies label format document, printer and data.

%BTW% /AF="C:\bt\formatA.btw" /PRN="MY Printer" /D="%Trigger File Name%" /R=3 /P /DD
"PD-001","Blood Diamond","750"
"PD-017","Shutter Island","2140" 

When Commander detect such file has created in a specific folder, Commander sends the command above to BarTender to print.

This way, which DBMS used doesn't really matter and customization of your application is minimum.

Commander script is described in Commander Whitepaper Example 3 (see other examples too).


Off course you can connect to DBMS such as SQL server, Access and Excel etc via OLEDB/ODBC.

To filter desired record, you can setup query prompt in document's database connection setup, then give query prompt value via commander trigger. See topic below.


Another option is write custom application from .net SDK or ActiveX for maximum flexibility. Please read Integration whitepaper.



#2. BarTender doesn't update the record used for print. (BarTender's database connection is read-only.) 

Besides, print job (text and encoded data) can be logged to BarTender System Database (SQL server database) which can be viewed from 

History Explorer or your .net application via .net System database SDK. 

There's job log to text file feature too. Logs can be enabled from Administer menu> Log setup.


I'm not sure about your last question about validity related information - I guess that's should be asked to barcode scanner maker / supplier.

To verify quality of printed barcode, there's various barcode verifiers around.