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When I go to Administer >> Licensing Setup... >> Test, with default settings, it fails to locate the server (error 

When I turn off the automatic checkbox and enter the actual IP address of the Seagull License Server, and then Test, it succeeds.

When I then click "OK" to save those settings and then click the printer icon button, it again fails to locate the Seagull License Server.

If I look back into the Licensing Setup, the settings remain as I left them, so it didn't lose my settings.


When I flush the cache, the printer feeds two labels through, so it is clearly communicating with the printer at least.

But, flushing doesn't help with finding the license server when printing.


What else could cause this? What am I missing here?


Bartender version:     9.2SR2

System:                      Windows 7 Profesional

Printer:                       DataMax-O'Neil M-Class Mark II

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Shotaro Ito
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The BarTender client may not properly connecting to the License Server.

Try deactivate BarTender client from BarTender's Help > Activation wizard, then activate again with the same license code.

If not work, uninstall BarTender 9.2SR2 then install again.

Flush cache of printer won't affect to License.