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Hello, I currently have a label set up to check an access db for the serial number at print time, and then update it with the last serial number printed. 
I am running into 2 issues.
1: If i print 3 labels, (for example serials 001,002,003)it will write 003 to the database, and then the next print job it will start with the number 003, leaving me with duplicate serial numbers.  (job 1: 001,002,003)  (job 2: 003,004,005)  etc
2:Ideally i would like it to add each entry in a new line, so i can keep track of it seperately. Currently it is writing over the last used serial, instead of creating a new entry on the next line. 
Im new to coding and not sure where to go from here. I have been working off of the info provided in this thread: 
I attached the sample label ive been working off of..
[attachment=2096:working serial almost.btw]
Im stuck! any help would be greatly appreciated!