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Hi all,
we are currently using Bartender Version: 7.10 and are now going to migrate to Bartender 2016 R1.
Our Labels are printed with a command builder script and we are now migrating to Integration Builder. We are currently
using the \W clause in command builder. The 2016 R1 documentation says according to the \W clause:
"/W="<where clause>" 
Sets the where clause for record selection ...... the <where clause> value will be placed at the end of your SQL statement.
The Where property is obsolete, and is supported only for backward compatibility. Use the /?<query prompt name> option as an alternative."
According to the documentation \W should work, but the software does not print and displays an error message (image attached). Is there any possibility to use
the \W clause in version 2016?  Migrating all labels to query prompt parameter would require high effort.
Thanks in advance.
L. Hoerting

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Ian Cummings
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The /W command is no longer supported.


I suggest you try running a search and replace transform action.  Search for "/W" and replace with "/?<querypromptname>".


Maybe use a PowerShell script if you need to handle things a bit more dynamically.  If you do that, I'd recommend you take the opportunity to transform the whole thing into BTXML and have BarTender execute that instead for reasons of better performance.


Doing this transform at the Integration Platform level will allow your business system to remain untouched.