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Hello everyone!

I looked out if this topic was discussed before and I couldn't find anything so here is my problem:

We have a database (Excel) with 100.000 names - which are printed on plastic cards (loyalty cards). These cards are then packed in boxes of 500 each - so we have 200 boxes (=labels) each. On each label should be the first and the last name (entry) of the box. In other words, the 1st and 500st entry from the database.

Normally I would have thought that I add a serialize-function with increment of 500 - but unfortunatelly that does not seem to work as it takes only the next line in the database, and does not count 500 to the next.

So my problems:

- How do I tell Bartender (V.9.01) to start with the first entry, and count +500 for the next label. (first label - first name in the box)
- How can I tell Bartender where in the Database to start from if I don't want it to start from the first line in the database, but at 499 for example (first label - last name in the box)

We are working this weekend and we need urgent help as we need to get the job done - any help would be greatly appreciated! :)

P.s.: We don't know VB at all so if it's a script-thing please let us know the code so we can copy/paste if possible.

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Maybe since my english is not the best another word for "entry" should be "record" - so I don't want bartender to print every record from the database but only every let's say 500st record, and I also don't want it to start at 1 but at 499 for example. Please help! :)
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Your solution will be to alter your Excel file to take every 500th record and create a fresh datafile from that. This can possibly be done with cell formulas, but could definitely be done with an Excel Macro.

Edit: Okay here we go. Take the data I've pasted below and copy it into a cell beside all your data in excel. If you have all your data that needs to be printed in Column A, This will create a new column that only takes every 500th record. I've used spoiler tags because it's long. Click spoiler to expand.


If you have multiple columns of data, you'll just have to repeat this process (Put the data to pull in column A. Copy and paste as values after you've pulled every 500th label), until you have done all columns. Not the best way to go about it, and a macro would work much better, but if it's urgent, this is a workaround for you.
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Hey thanks for your input, it did work indeed, and meanwhile we found out another - probably easier solution which I'd like to share:

we created an excel file with 1, 500, 501, 1001, etc. in one line (not row) - exported it as .csv - opened in editor, copy/pasted in the "print records:" line in the printer-dialog window and it worked, altough this is also only a workaround :) .. I hope that the guys at Seagull implement this feature, I wonder that noone else had this problem before... :)