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Hey Folks!

Here's my problem: I need to make labels with all the same layout and design - but from several different files (over 120) and the label contains approx 25 fields. When I get the new database (.xls file) I just thought I could delete the old database connection and set up a new one and that's it - since the titles are all the same bartender should recognize the colums and use these. Unfortunatelly that does not happen. I have to enter each field, click the dropdown for database and de-select and re-select the field-name in order to refresh it. Any ideas how to make this better?

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Gene Henson
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When you get a new database, instead of completely removing the database connection and then re-adding it, you can simply change the location of the database to your new file.

To do this:


[*]Open you label format
[*]Go to File > Database Connection Setup
[*]Go to the Options tab of your current connection
[*]Click the Setup Button
[*]Put the path to your new file in the Data Source box
The label should then work for you without re-linking the label objects (assuming your fields names have not changed).