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Hello again everyone - it's my third post today and I really start to wonder if I'm maybe spending too much time with bartender and not enough with my wife :rolleyes:

Here's my problem: I have a database file of numbers (50.000 random numbers) and I need to print labels for boxes of 500 per box = 100 labels - with the starting number and ending number of each box. So in other words, I need the 1st and the 500st entry of the database (.xls) to be on the label. Then the next label is the 501st and 1000st and so on and so forth.

Maybe it is so easy to do that I just can't find it in the menu but maybe I'm looking somewhere wrong? :huh: Please help :)

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Shotaro Ito
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Hi midorner - to bring you back to your wife,
You can specify record number to print from Print dialog > Selected records
like 1,500,501,1000,1001,1500,1501,2000 and so on.
Hope that helps!