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Customer has list of products they would like to select in a drop-down list.
This drop-down list should display information from one fied for all records.
I wasn't able to create such list, that would work correctly.
Could you instruct me how to create such list, please?

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Susan Chen
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Hi, Vlastimil :

You can create a drop down list that pops up during print time, where the data for the drop down list is filled by data from a database.

1. Double click on the text oject object-> More Options-> Prompting,
On the Prompt Control section click Create and select Dropdown List

2. Dropdown Lists Control 1 will be created, click on the properties. On the "List Items" tab, choose VBScript as Data source

3. Click on "Edit VBScript". You can reference our VBScript section for dropdown list in excel for VBScript help http://seagullscientific.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/595-vb-script-dropdown-list-excel/

Hope it helps

** The earlier version of print prompt will be in slight different GUI.