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Hi there. I was wondering that if we can connect to SQL server database at the prompt dialog there. I will explain in more detail below.

Here is my scenario:

[u]Prompt dialog[/u]

Employee ID : <textbox here>

GRN: <textbox here>

P/N : <textbox here>

When the users enter the GRN and hit enter key, it will connect to SQL server and checking for that GRN.
If exist,it will return its part number at the next textbox which is on the same row with the GRN in the table.
If not,it will prompt out a message say that the GRN that you are enter is not existing.

Wondering that if that can be done using bartender.By the way,i'm using Bartender Enterprise Automation 9.4.
Any help would be much appreciated.Thanks.

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Susan Chen
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Hi, tbzserge

You can connected to SQL database and setup query prompt to see if this fulfill your requirement

1) File-> Database connection setup -> choose SQL server and specify the SQL database
2) Setup query prompt inside Bartender to select the record you want to print. You can reference our training video on how to setup query propmt "Using a Query Prompt to select records"

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Hi Susan,

Actually, i was looking for a more advanced answer.
Yes,i have succeeded to connect to my SQL server.But i didn't intent to use query prompt to select records.
What i wish to do is to search through the database from the prompt dialog just like i explained previously.

Hope that anyone can clarify for me .Thanks