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Is it possible to use doc or docx files with table inside as database ?
May be better convert table from Word to Excel table (or txt file) using VBScript ? If yes - please help me with script.
Please find attached original Word file.


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Ian Einman
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No, it is not possible to access tables from within a Word document. You should use Excel or some other format instead.

It sounds like you want to share a table between Word and BarTender. If you use Excel as the table and connect BarTender to it, it is then possible to embed the Excel table into a Word document, by doing the following:

1. Select the cells in Excel that represent your table
2. Press Ctrl+C
3. Go to Word, click the little arrow under Paste
4. Select Paste Special
5. Change "Paste" radio button to "Paste Link"
6. Press OK

Now both Word and BarTender can use the same table from Excel, and will be updated when the data changes in Excel.

For further assistance with linking Word and Excel, please consult the Office documentation or contact Microsoft.