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We currently have a label that prompts for ItemID and places it in a Custom SQL Statement data connection and prints the label (iz.ItemID = '?Enter ItemID').  Now I am being asked to use the same label but instead of prompting for each ItemID they want it to pull from an Excel spreadsheet of ItemIDs.  So it will print a label for every ItemID in the spreadsheet using the custom sql data connection.


Can this be done?

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Ian Cummings
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If you're asking that, is it possible to make the query prompt data input field a pull down list that is sourced from a data table, then the answer is no.  Currently only a text input field is supported for query prompts.


The only alternative to this is to create a front-end application form through the use of VB.NET for example, build the input form how you wish, and then control BarTender via automation to load the appropriate document, set data on that document and then print to a defined printer.  See the below white papers for details: