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Hi there


We are using Bartender 10.0 SR4 and are having an issue with labels which take data from SQL Server.


All of our labels are called via Commander and accept a parameter which we use to populate the data on the label from a stored procedure.


So our query might look like this, for example: exec Label_CartonLabel @containerid=?CONTAINERID


Where ?CONTAINERID is passed to Commander from the external system.


Usually, if we click the 'Browse' option, we get a popup screen prompting us to enter a value for '?CONTAINERID'. However, under certain circumstances (it appears to happen randomly), the popup screen is presented without any prompts. All that is visible is a small amount of the 'ok' and 'cancel' buttons. There is no place to enter the parameter's value. If we click OK or Cancel, no data is returned, because nothing is passed to the stored procedure. Once this starts happening, it appears the only resolution is to create a brand new label format and copy the fields / recreate the database link. The reason for this post is that I've done that - and 10 seconds later, the same issue has occurred.


Does anyone have any ideas on what can be done to fix this? Is it a Bartender bug?


I have attached a screen shot of the issue as it occurs.




Tim Muir


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Ian Cummings
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I will be taking a look into this and get back to you shortly.  Could you attach the BarTender document file for us to examine also please.  If you do not wish to share it in the public domain then either private message me or send to the emeatech@seagullscientific.com email address making reference to this forum post.