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I have an Excel spreadsheet of part numbers for a customer.  Depending on the part, we need to print either Label A or Label B.  I am needing to create a prompt for the user to enter the part number needing to have a label printed and the query will check the spreadsheet and if the Label Selection field is A, it will print label A or if it's B will print label B. 


Any input / direction would be greatly appreciated.  I have the query portion figured out, just need direction on how to tell BarTender which label to print.



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Fernando Ramos Miracle
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This could be done easily using our new "Template" feature (added on version 10.0). This feature allows you to design different templates on the same document and, using a "Template selector", print only one depending on the value from a database field, data source or an object value.


If you are working with an older version of BarTender then you will need to apply a VB Script to your document objects so they are not printed when the database value changes (note that an empty barcode or text object won't print).


Another option would be to control the print out of one of your two document though an external application that automates BarTender in the background (through .NET SDKs or ActiveX).