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Hi everyone,


I have a problem and I hope you guys can help me.


I'm using an excel with two sheets. One (left table) we use to list the ordered products with all the productinformation like Materialnumber, Ordernumber, Date of Manufacture. The other sheet we use to list all our testreports for each of the products. Now here is the problem. I connected the sheets via Materialnumber. In the left table e.g. there is product XYZ with an amount of 3 and the ordernumber 1234 in one excel row. In the right table there are in fact three (because of the amount) excel rows with the ordernumber, materialnumber and three different serialnumbers. The table bartender creates is kind of mixed up and the ordernumbers don't match to the serialnumbers... Other connection types didn't help, second criteria isn't possible... I'm kind of desperate. Can please someone help me out here?!


Thx alot...


J. Marek