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Good morning, i need help.


I have to print fields data of a database in a label BUT not using a fixed value as key (criteria in query window) and nor a prompt but a a text fileld nemed (ex.) "filedtext1" in the "datasource->screed data->name" filed.


If this is not possibile is there any way to retrive a value in the db using a vb script in the label field ?


(so there i could refere to the fieldtext1 as Format.NamedSubStrings("fieldtext1") and in some way read the db using Format.NamedSubStrings("fieldtext1") ad key) 


something like 


"Value = Field("DATABASE.DESC") where Field("DATABASE.ARTCD") = Format.NamedSubStrings("fieldtext1") ....  "


( i know.. this is vb and not sql but is just to give an idea of what i mean)

( The value of "fieldtext1" will change as i'll batch print using a txt where i'll have the value of the substirng defined with name and screen data source).
Thanks a lot... it's very very important to me.

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Shotaro Ito
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I recon there's no way to use named datasource (named substring) as a query condition.

If you're using Commander / command line, you can give query prompt from Command line by /?"Query prompt name"="Value".



For Batch Maker, you can specify query prompts value in batch.