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We print labels using Commander using the text file option for a database.  There was a very strange occurrence a few days ago where a label was generated with a character missing from the middle of a barcode.  Instead of 10 characters, there are 9 with a 0 missing in the middle (2002 became 202).  Customer was not pleased.  The barcode generated scans fine and really has 9 characters.  The file with the label data is fine.  We ran label thru Commander a bunch more times and the behavior doesn't repeat.   We copied the label and database file to other workstations and problem does not repeat.   Hard to imagine how a character could get "lost" from the middle of a string.  Haven't found any other report of this behavior yet.  We are using version 10.0 on Windows and is local on the workstation.  We are using the Seagull printer driver for our printer.  Hard to imagine how the Commander/Bartender software could loose a character like this.  Anybody else seen this or have theory of what might have happened?  Thanks!

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Ian Cummings
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Make sure you're running the latest service release:




In the Command handler of Commander, make sure the desktop heap memory is set per engine which by default is set to 512 KB.  You might want to increase this to 1024 KB to be safe.


Have in mind that the printer might have glitched.  If you record printer code in the logging option of the Seagull driver you'd be able to see if the correct data was sent to the printer or not.