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Hi i am figuring out how to quicken up the printing process.

We got 2 A4 sticker pages we print on, one is 12x and one is 80x stickers on a A4.

We get our information from a database (sql) and it all works but getting it from a database on  80 times A4 (some times we need 160 or 400) is going very slow.

Now i can see from the logs it requests 80 times the info from the database.


Is it also possible to get the request only once and kopie the info 80 times on the 80x sticker A4 page?

The info on the pages is always the same so 1 page always consists of the same info.


It would shorten the waiting time olmost 1 or 2 minutes per print


P.S Sorry for the bad english hope you get the problem.

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Shotaro Ito
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You can specify number of copies (identical copies) , from BarTender Print dialog's Copies. 

You can specify copies from database field too - if your SQL record has "printqty" field and the value is 80, you can specify the database field from print dialog's copies property to print 80 copies when you print the record.