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Lena Willner


I have a BTW document with two templates.

My plan is to print always template A 3 times and template B only one time.

Where can I find this option?


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Jasper Wen
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It sounds like you are using multiple template designs in one document with printing one template design 3 times and another template only 1 time for a print job.

  • What you can do is in BarTender under file->page setup->templates, you should see different Start of Job Template or End of Job Template sections in the templates list.
  • For the template you want to print once in a print job, you want to move that template under the start/end of job template section depending if you want to print at the beginning or end. The other template should just be under Primary Templates.
  • At print time, you will specify 3 copies. This will print 3 copies of one template and 1 copy of the other.