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Hanna Showers

I was working on a bartender file under our customer's file #  and our customer's database name while I edited the bartender file. I had everything working smoothly so I decided it was appropriate to switch the names over to control doc
#'s ( I work for a medical device company).

Now with the database and the bartender file saved under the new name (nothing else has changed) and same address on the network, I connect the bartender file to the new database name (same information and layout exactly as previously named database).

When I go to print, I am given the prompt to enter the part name, and then bartender cannot access my database and produced the error sign : " ERROR #2755 Serial Numbers must be a number greater than or equal to one"

And now I cannot print any of my labels that moments before were working great.

I downloaded the Microsoft Database Engine this morning. Still not working

I checked to make sure both Excel and Bartender were both 32 bit. They are.


Can someone please help?!


I need to Validate this printing process before release to production.

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Pete Thane
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You may want to try reconnecting the individual fields on the label as it could be some of those are still looking for fields contained in the old database as I have seen something like that before