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Abhishek Sachdeva

Our organization uses Bartender 10 to print thousands of labels and extract information from MS SQL database. I’m unable to get information from SQL server database because of corrupt issue. To resolve this issue, I tried to restore the database with the help of IT Engineer. During database restoration process, I received an error message
“The backup set holds a backup of a database other than the existing database.”

I searched same issue on Web and get to know that this is “Error 3154 SQL Restore database”. I have neither created new copy of database and nor created duplicate database copy. I don’t understand why I’m getting this kind of error.
I’m also confused is this error related to Bartender 10 or I have to uninstall Bartender to fix this error.

I have searched same error on Bar Tender Support community in below forum category but found nothing.

Then I searched same issue on web and found few websites where this problem explained step by step. But still confused which solution will fix this error. Please provide assistance.

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Pete Thane
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I dont think this a BarTender issue. To print labels BarTender just reads from the database and doesn't write to it. The only SQL table BarTender does "control" is the BarTender System Database but that would be separate to your data tables.

You probably need to speak to whoever supports your application that is linked/creates the SQL data table