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Sascha van Buuren

Dear all

I am new with bartender try to figure out how to setup a single prompt when try to print batch with batch maker.

My Problem is that we want to use continuous labels that will be cut after a specific length.

The length is define by the Character quantity in the text. 

For 1 part number has 2 ore 3 different length types and with x qty of labels of each type .


Part 1  123

Part 1  456

Part 1  789

Part 1 12345

Part 1 78901

Part 2 987

Part 2 654

Part 2 65431 and so on.

My idea is to create for ex. 2 different documents. Each document size defined for the needed length.

With a static filter I can already define the length based on the database

Now I need to setup a query prompt to select the part number I want to print. This also work if I print from the bartender directly

Than when try to printing from batch maker i get the prompt for every document.

But I would like to only enter the part 1 time and apply to all the documents when printing as a batch.

Would be even better if the prompt would also display to possible selection (autocomplete) but this is not mandatory.

As on one support page this function mention this function in similar with global data but I could find any details.

I ask if anyone can give me some guideline how to set this up. I have no experience with global data and how to setup a prompt field for a global data and than have a link database filter prompt. Not sure if this is even possible.



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Pete Thane
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I dont think Global Data Fields can be Database fields 

Sascha van Buuren
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Hi Thank for the feedback!

Can you explain maybe how to setup the global data field that is shared between documents and only enter 1 time when printing a batch? This is what I understand from the title or the explanation in the sample of global data fields.

If I know that I may can figure out another way to get my data straight for printing.


Pete Thane
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Hi Sascha,

You need to have setup your System Database and it needs to be accessible to the location where the batches are going to be printed from. If the batches are going to be printed from the same PC where you created the batch (ie entered the prompt information) then you can use the Automation edition but if you are printing from a different computer than you will need the Enterprise Automation edition and link them all to the same System Database.

  1. Open the label that you will use to enter the Global Value and add a text field onto you label.
  2. Go to the Data Entry Form and add a Text Input Box.
  3. In the Properties of the Text Input Box link the it to label/template text field added in 1 and tweak any other parametres as required and then click Close to come out of the input box settings
  4. Now go back to your Template view and go into the Properties of you label field and use the Change Data Source Button to adjust the type to Global Data Field and then use the create new option and give the field a name and then come out of the settings.
  5. In all the other labels, add on a new field and, as with 4, make these Global Data Fields and (if they aren't already) change the global field to use to the one you named above.
  6. Once the labels are saved and after you have printed the label the "master" label (the one with the Data Entry Form) then this will amend the value of the Global Data Field and when ever one of the other labels is printed (or refreshed if already open) then that new value will be used.

I hope this helps