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Alex Baltazar


I'm using Bartender Automation 10.1 SR4 and I'm trying to read some values from a SQL database. I have a couple of questions:

* The database connection requires to have 'MultisubnetFailover' set to 'true'. Where can I add that setting?

* How can I easily change the SQL database without having to go to each label template and change it manually?

* Would the easier solution be VB?


Current Setup:

* Database 1: Trigger text file with 'FieldValue1'

* Database 2: SQL database with 'MultiSubnetFailover=true'

* Multi-database Join: Get from Database 2, rows that have 'FieldValue1'


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Peter Thane

Hi Alex,

Not sure, but if it isn't one of the settings in the Database Setup screens or in the Database Connection Setup settings in BarTender then it maybe you need to amend the SQL statement in the label to a Custom SQL statement retaining all the existing parameters plus adding in the MulitSubnet....setting. I dont know what the protocol would be however.

To be honest, for an enquiry like this, it maybe better to address your request directly to your regional BarTender Tech Support team rather than on this user forum as you SQL connections tend to be more complex than your standard ODBC type and they may know the answer straight off for this.


Alex Baltazar

Hi Pete, 


Yes, seems like Bartender does not support complex SQL connections.

Still thanks so much for your help.